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  • Trace Conger: Catch and Release

    Trace Conger: Catch and Release

    When it comes to danger there are: No Promises Vacationing on a family isle in Meddebemps, Maine, Connor Harding watches as a man named Boone cautiously paddles a canoe to his dock. The box he’s carrying contains postcards that are sent to his gangster boss Little Freddie. They are mailed from different cities, on the Read more

  • Trace Conger: Five Will Die

    Trace Conger: Five Will Die

    In a departure from some of his earlier books, Trace Conger offers up the tale of Sheriff Tim Burke whose town is at the mercy of a serial killer. Burke moved to Lincoln, Ohio, when an anxiety disorder forced him to leave the Cleveland Police Department. Now confronted with the certainty that a previously trashed, Read more

  • Trace Conger: Mirage Man

    Trace Conger: Mirage Man

    Fans of Trace Connor will immediately recognize, through writing alone, that Connor Harding is the brother of Finn Harding from the award winning Mr. Finn Series. The Harding brothers have other things in common besides family. They are both quick to act and both see things through. Both have taken lives, but one brother without Read more

  • An Interview with: Trace Conger

    An Interview with: Trace Conger

    A mighty fine writer After finishing Trace Conger’s third book I knew it was time to talk to him about characters and the writing process. I first wrote about him in September 2015 when he released The Shadow Broker and he’s been extremely busy since then. Conger generously found time to answer questions. Tell us about Finn Read more

  • Trace Conger: The Shadow Broker

    Caffeinated probing: Dark resolve   Finn Harding wonders when exactly he crossed the line. It’s as ambiguous to the reader as to him but it’s a line which he straddles and a line which he leaps-over as circumstances necessitate. This is in keeping with a PI who has lost his license but continues to accept Read more