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  • Kevin G. Chapman: Perilous Gambit

    Kevin G. Chapman: Perilous Gambit

    Senator Harlan Bushfield III is assassinated on his way home after a fundraising event. South Dakota FBI agents Derek Dumm and Chelsea Anne Shields are assigned to the case. A risqué photo on the Senator’s phone has them contacting the NYPD for assistance to locate the people in the photo. One of those individuals has…

  • Three Autumn Page Turners

    Three Autumn Page Turners

    Time for a few books to get the blood moving in your veins. Ebook available now! Available for Amazon pre-order TOMORROW. What more can I say about Melissa Yi, than I have over the years? Only then, that she continues to write this amazing series I’m totally hooked on. Dr. Hope Sze and her fiancé…

  • Late Summer Hiatus

    Late Summer Hiatus

    Gros Morne Newfoundland Photo credit: Steve Jermanok Time for my usual summer hiatus beginning with a vacation touring the province of Newfoundland. I hope you are all enjoying a happy and safe summer, and get to do a little reading. See you in Autumn. ~ June Lorraine