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  • Joe R. Lansdale: Moon Lake

    Joe R. Lansdale: Moon Lake

    In 1968, Daniel Russel was only 13-years old when his father drove them off a bridge in a murder-suicide attempt. Luckily, Ronnie Candles and her father were nearby and he was rescued and taken into their home. At night though Russel is haunted by visits from his father in his dreams. Ten years later when Read more

  • Stephen J. Golds: Love Like Bleeding Out

    Stephen J. Golds: Love Like Bleeding Out

    With an Empty Gun in Your Hand Love Like Bleeding out is a broad look at the work of Stephen J. Golds and it will rouse and churn you. It’s the kind of collection impossible to complete in one reading. For me, breathing space was necessary to ruminate and digest. The kind of work your Read more

  • C.S. O’Cinneide: Starr Sign + Interview

    C.S. O’Cinneide: Starr Sign + Interview

    The Return of Candace Starr The next book in The Candace Starr Series couldn’t have come at a better time. Starr is out there as a character, and we could all use a little bit of out right now. Starr becomes determined to find her mother. The same mother who abandoned her as a young Read more

  • Author Rebecca Hodge: Wildland

    Author Rebecca Hodge: Wildland

    “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.” Kat’s cancer is back after a three year remission, and it doesn’t look good. She rents a cabin in the mountains to determine her next steps. Treatment or no treatment. That life and death decision is curtailed by another. Escape a deadly wildfire enveloping the mountain. Read more

  • Bryan Gruley: Bleak Harbor

    Bryan Gruley: Bleak Harbor

      Convolution Available December 1st A couple with an autistic son. Each parent with secrets, each parent fearful. Mysterious photos and texts on their phones. Same source, different origin? Same incident, different event? Both keeping things to themselves until it becomes apparent their absent son Danny is actually missing. Carey, smothering under the family name Read more

  • Candace Fox: Crimson Lake

    Candace Fox: Crimson Lake

      Lake of Tears     In Crimson Lake, former detective Ted Conkaffey does his best to remain unnoticed. Charged with the sexual assault of a young girl, no one believes he is innocent when the charges are dropped due to insufficient evidence. Depressed at losing the right to visit his daughter, Conkaffey meets with Read more

  • Jordan Harper: She Rides Shotgun

    Jordan Harper: She Rides Shotgun

    Weave & dodge   She’s learned how to take a punch, how to strangle, how to manipulate. Granted it was all there inside her, an anger roiling like spoiled milk in her stomach.  She pushed these feelings down as she dealt with the bullies at school. Life can be hard at eleven. Polly is on Read more

  • Late Summer Hiatus

    Late Summer Hiatus

    Time for my summer hiatus. Take a walk in a mysterious wood while I’m away. See you in late September… ~ June Lorraine Photo credit: J Chanders

  • Sisters in Crime Toronto: 25 Years

    Sisters in Crime Toronto: 25 Years

    Oh What A Night   The Toronto chapter of Sisters in Crime had a wonderful celebration earlier this week, marking 25 years as part of the larger Sisters in Crime organization (who are celebrating 30 years.) The history of this association is fascinating. Women crime fiction writers put remarkable effort and work into to being Read more

  • Mike Knowles: Rock Beats Paper

    Mike Knowles: Rock Beats Paper

    Value of money is relative to proximity   Wilson is a professional. The job varies but he uses a tried and true methodology. Well planned and carried out to the letter. With the right connections things go well, usually. When the plan for a large crew diamond heist falls apart, he decides to take it Read more

  • Jane Harper: The Dry

    Jane Harper: The Dry

      Heat – Drought Hatred – Murder   Aaron Falk left Kiewarra, Australia as a teenager, driving away from rancor and suspicion. Many years later, now a Federal Agent in Melourne, he returns for the funeral of his childhood friend Luke. The friend whom many believe killed his wife and child, before killing himself.  Regional police have ruled it a murder, Read more

  • Bob Kroll: The Hell of it All + Q&A

    Bob Kroll: The Hell of it All + Q&A

       Halifax Noir   A body long buried and undiscovered. An ex-con with vengeance raging in his brain. A prostitute with personal history with Peterson, and a missing daughter. All underscored by pain, loss and regret. T.J. Peterson takes the hard way through everything, leaving those in his wake either gasping or puzzled. For him it’s not the hard way through it’s the only way Read more

  • An Interview with: Trace Conger

    An Interview with: Trace Conger

    A mighty fine writer After finishing Trace Conger’s third book I knew it was time to talk to him about characters and the writing process. I first wrote about him in September 2015 when he released The Shadow Broker and he’s been extremely busy since then. Conger generously found time to answer questions. Tell us about Finn Read more

  • What’s it all about?

    What’s it all about?

      Recently, I was asked by thriller writer Madeleine Callway to talk about Murder in Common on her Canadian Noir blog.  It was fun to think back to when all the madness started and share why I find it rewarding.     Windigo Fire   Just so you know, Madeleine’s debut novel Windigo Fire was Read more

  • Autumn: New season of crime fiction

        Early Autumn Time for more reading     Yes, the Autumn weather is here and I’m looking forward to a brand new season of crime fiction for Murder in Common. This year I decided to add an Interview page to the website. There are many authors that I speak with about their craft and it’s time Read more