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 Crime Fiction at it’s best






My second Noir at the Bar Toronto proved better than the last. The reason of course was that over the intervening months I got to meet many authors as well as to befriend some of them in Toronto and other environs.



Murder at the Beach anthology, writer, author, short story, crime fiction, murder mystery, suspense, thriller

Host: Tanis Mallow

Stinking Rich, writer, author, short story, crime fiction, murder mystery, suspense, thriller

Host: Rob Brunet

To say I was in a readers and writers heaven wouldn’t be too fine a point. The energy, humour and comradery was great. Hosted by authors Tanis Mallow and Rob Brunet, Noir at the Bar Toronto was everything a crime fiction groupie could hope for and I’ve got the pictures for proof.


The evening featured several author a few of which are award finalists:

 Code Blue, Because, crime fiction, writer, murder mystery, Finalist Derringer Award

Dr. Melissa Yi




Melissa Yi read from two of her books, then mesmerised us with Derringer Award finalist short story: Because.








The Winter Famiy, crime fiction, writer, murder mystery, suspense, thriller

Clifford Jackman

Clifford Jackman took us back to 1891 Oklahoma and unnerved us with: The Winter Family.









Death and White Diamonds, crime fiction, writer, murder mystery, suspense, thriller

Jeff Markowitz

Jeff Markowitz reading from Death and White Diamonds AND











Windigo Fire, crime fiction, writer, murder mystery, suspense, thriller

M.H. Callway

M.H. Callway reading from Windigo Fire (finalist Arthur Ellis Award – Best First Novel) both had roaring with laughter. Yes murder can be funny.


World Enough and Crime, crime fiction, writer, murder mystery, suspense, thriller

Bianca Marais

Bianca Marais read from World Enough and Crime (Finalist for the 2015 Arthur Ellis Best Short Story Award) and you could have heard a pin drop.









The Spark, World Enough and Crime

John Kenny



Jeff Kenny held us hostage with his excerpt from The Spark. We were in the book with him.







The Damned, horror, crime fiction, suspense thriller, fiction, murder

Andrew Pyper


Andew Pyper read from The Damned and we all gasped, really we did.

Yes, he is an author crush and I’m shameless about it.









The evenings amazing hosts: Tanis Mallow didn’t read from her short story Nightshade (placed next to Jeffrey Deaver) in the Murder at the Beach anthology but read instead from a work in progress which had us hoping for a book soon. Rob Brunet read his short story Road Rage and you can read a review of his book Stinking Rich here. They both have very dark minds which is why I love them.

There will be another Noir at the Bar Toronto sometime this September. You should seriously think about attending if you’ll be in the city.


P.S. there’s still time to win a copy of Benefit of the Doubt by Neal Griffin – details here



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  1. Fabulous recap. I will add this to my list of things to try and do in Sept.

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