Rena Olsen: The Girl Before

  Happy Home Happy Life         Clara is a happy wife. She and Neil live together with their daughters on a large property, deep in a wooded area. The daughters of all ages who are brought to Clara for training. Housekeeping, manners, languages, all the necessary lessons as they wait for a client to be assigned to them. Mama…

Barry Eisler: Livia Lone

Sold   Livia is a freak in the bedroom. She must have absolute control. Sometimes things work out okay. Other times she meets aggression with brutal finality. There are reasons of course. All of them understandable, none of them sustainable. In a book about loss and vengeance it’s irrelevant.   Born Labee in the Lahu hill country of Thailand, she and her…

Franklin Schneider & Jennifer Schneider: Black Hills

  Town of Corruption Place of Despair   Alice Riley is a disgraced Brooklyn journalist turned private investigator. She came to her new profession by searching for the truth behind a story. Instead, she found self-serving justification and unemployment.   She’s in the South Dakota oil fracking town of Whitehurst to investigate the arrest of a former colleague’s husband. Robert has been…

Summer reads

  It’s now full-on summer and perhaps you need a little down time with a good book…or three…or more. I’ll let you get on with my suggested reading while I put Murder in Common on it’s summer hiatus. See you in September!   How about a double dip from crime fiction author Sue Coletta: Marred Sage Quintano has fled Boston to a small…


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