Summer reads

  It’s now full-on summer and perhaps you need a little down time with a good book…or three…or more. I’ll let you get on with my suggested reading while I put Murder in Common on it’s summer hiatus. See you in September!   How about a double dip from crime fiction author Sue Coletta: Marred Sage Quintano has fled Boston to a small…

Dot Hutchinson: The Butterfly Garden

  Wings that don’t fly   An enclosed garden filled with butterflies, tended by a congenial gardener. Only the butterflies are beautiful women captured and intricately tattooed. And the congeniality is the smooth mask of a psychopath.   The man takes very good care of them over the years as they are there to serve his pleasure. When their beauty fades, they die.…

Ilene B. Benator: Schizo – Hidden in Plain Sight

Insane asylum Two inmates: One Escape Former medical student Dan Greenberg’s life is an endless round of medications, dull food and listless, and at times, violent companions. Pretty much the norm for living in an insane asylum. He’s not supposed to be there, a victim of a set-up when he came close to exposing medical intrusion, by unknown parties, for obscure reasons.…

redemption road

John Hart: Redemption Road

  Subversive Killer Tortured minds Detective Elizabeth Black joined the police department 13-years after Officer Adrian Wall saved her from a suicide attempt. She has always been drawn to him, even after his release from prison for murdering his lover. She rescues a teenager from two men who have the girl wired to a mattress in a basement. Her screams are their pleasure. The…

Crime fiction: SciFi

  Genre Bending & Blending – Part two  Dying for a Living   Talk about a book to catch your fancy, Kory Shrum brings us a near future world where people can hire a Necronite to die in their place.  Jesse Sullivan is one of the best in her field. As a Necronite she will recover from each death and go…

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Historical and Literary Fiction / Essays / Poetry / Reviews /Book Cover and Interior Illustrations / Pet Portraits and Other Commissioned Artwork ... "Handle a book as a bee does a flower, extract its sweetness but do not damage it.” ~ John Muir, naturalist, author, 1838 - 1914

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