From the Archives – Gale Massey: The Girl From Blind River

Bottom of the deck

If you are Jamie Elders, you live in a dingy trailer under the thumb of your criminal uncle. Your teenage brother has problems with anger management, and your mother is an ex-con just released from prison.

Jamie is 19 and knows life is better – somewhere. Meantime, she’s pretending to go to college, collecting from illegal video gambling machines, and playing online poker.

It’s the poker game where her mother is dealing for the Judge that things go wrong. Late that night Jamie is helping her uncle bury a body.

The family situation is bad. The body, yeah that’s bad. The Girl From Blind River is stellar. You’ll turn pages faster than a dealer shuffles a deck.

About Gale Massey

GALE MASSEY’s debut novel, THE GIRL FROM BLIND RIVER, received a 2018 Florida Book Award and was a finalist for the Clara Johnson award. Her work has appeared in Lambda Literary, CutBank, CrimeReads, Sabal, the Tampa Bay Times, SawPalm, and the forthcoming Tampa Bay Noir.

Gale was a Tennessee Williams Scholar at the Sewanee Writers Conference, a fellow at Writers in Paradise, and has served as a panel judge for the Lamdba Literary Awards. She has been nominated for a Pushcart prize in both fiction and nonfiction. She is currently working on her second novel. 

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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