John Vercher: Three-Fifths

Bobby and Aaron have been friends since their school years. But when Aaron comes out of prison years after his sentencing, Bobby barely recognizes him.

Gone is the wanna-be, pseudo black persona. In its place, a hardened, white supremacist full of tattoos and hatred.

Bobby who’s always hidden that he’s bi-racial, is terror struck the night Aaron badly beats a young black man outside a burger joint.

He has no one to turn to with his fears. His only family is his alcoholic mother Isabel, who continually breaks promises.

When a chance encounter with Bobby’s father brings Isabel a spark of hope, that’s when you know you are truly caught up in the power of this book.

John Vercher has written a story about poverty, loss, fear and identity. Three-Fifths is a great debut and highly recommended.

~ June Lorraine is a Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Blog

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