Catharine Riggs: What She Gave Away

Admittedly, Crystal Love had a pretty tough life. Adopted by a dysfunctional couple, she was abandoned by both of them when the marriage ended.

Revenge against society became Love’s lifestyle. A plus size woman in a skinny world, she imagined the worse thing that could happen to someone, and then made it come true.

Kathi Wright copied all the right things to fit into the Santa Barbara society. It wasn’t until a virus stole her taste buds allowing her to shed extra pounds, that now suddenly, she belongs.

These two women cross paths, one as the wife of the bank President, the other as a loans analyst. The story then begins to unwind in devious and compelling ways.

My first time reading Catharine Riggs and the debut What She Gave Away is everything you need to put her on the ‘must follow’ list.

~ June Lorraine is a Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Blog

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