Jonathan Brown: The Big Crescendo

The L.A. Practice Joint isn’t much, but it’s got cheap rates and works for the up and comers, and those who never will be.

Lou Crasher collects the money and books the rooms, meantime picking up gigs around the city as a drummer.

Hi main gal is a 1965 Mustang, but lately it’s Angela that’s on his mind. When her equipment is stolen from the Joint, Crasher is balls out to remedy the situation. And sure as hell, that’s when all the problems start.

Jonathan Brown’s The Big Crescendo is the beginning of a fun series. His setting for Los Angeles is snap-on target, bringing your right into a city he knows well. Crasher is a fast talker with the moves and wit to keep your nose in the book. And let’s not forget a barely quantifiable cast of characters.

I’m happy to bring you the beginning of the Lou Crasher series, your wild ride for the week.

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