Yigal Zur: Death in Shangri-La

Dotan Naor has known Willy Mizrachi for many years. A ruthless Israeli arms dealer Mizrachi is a dangerous man. But his son Itiel is missing in the Himalayas and he needs Naor’s help.

Naor, formerly an Israeli operative, is now a private investigator. With a bet that involves a bottle of fine spirits he agrees to help Mizrachi.

Then Mizrachi is found beheaded in New Delhi and the wheels fall off the truck.

India’s internal problems between the Hindus and Muslims, are just one of the issues Naor had to deal with, for terrorists are targeting Israeli youth in India.

While a departure from my usual recommended reading, I think you’ll enjoy this book. It’s the first in the series by Yigal Zur to be translated into English.

~ June Lorraine

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  1. So glad you found and recommended this fine book! I thought his description of the perils facing young Israelis in South Asia was very eye-opening. (Reviewed this book here: https://vweisfeld.com//?p=7748) Currently reading his next one, about a young Israeli woman gone missing in Thailand, which I’ll also review. Should note that the translations by Sara Kitai are excellent!

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