From the Archives – C.S. O’Cinneide: Starr Sting Scale

She’s 6-feet + of mean and will cut you down with nary a side look. She also has the occasional soft spot in certain circumstances, but don’t count on it to keep you safe.

Candace Starr retired after her release from prison. A contract killer, she often took after her father in methodology – snapping necks.

A woman from the city’s elite wants to hire Starr to kill her daughter’s boyfriend. That’s a non-starter for Starr. He’s only 17, and she doesn’t kill kids. Plus – she retired.

Of course, the kid turns up dead, and the police are on Starr. But one detective, Saunders, offers her a deal. Help her solve the kid’s murder and she’ll tell Starr who killed her father.

Rude and crude, Starr is the assassin you will love. Straight bourbon is her alcohol of choice, and plenty of it all day long.

Clever, witty, and dark, C.S. O’Cinneide has written a distinctive winner in this debut series. You’re going to love The Starr Sting Scale.

There is a follow-up to this great book Starr Sign Please Click Here to read that review, and the Interview with O’Cinneide.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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