Owen Laukkanen: Deception Cove

Jesse Winslow, medically discharged with severe PTSD. Her home isn’t much more than a shack at the end of an unused road. It’s her comfort dog that helps keep her sane from the nightmares and the breaks from reality.

Mason Burke, just released from a 15-year sentence for murder. His one redeeming quality took place in the last several months of his sentence, training a rescue dog to be a comfort dog for traumatized military personnel.

Lucy, part pit bull, and parts unknown. Intelligent, goofy and loving. It’s for the love of her, that two people come together to rescue her from where she is being held hostage.

Jesse’s husband Ty was into something nasty before he drowned in Deception Cove. The Deputy Sheriff and his officers need whatever he had, and they need it now. They’ll cut Lucy into pieces to convince Jesse to give them what Ty had, that belonged to them.

Owen Laukkanen’s books are all such an excellent reads, but because I have a Lucy crush, I really loved this book. Highly Recommended!

Lucy and her manservant, Owen Laukkanen. You can find Lucy on Instagram at: misslucy604. And of course Owen at: Owen_Laukkanen.

~ June Lorraine

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  1. This is scary! I have always been a fan of unsolved mysteries and crimes, June. I have collected books about mass murderers. It’s not that I enjoy these but that I am intrigued. A nice Erie June and what a read. WOW!

  2. I like the way you structured this review, June. It’s captivating. I like the way it prompts the reader to fill in the blanks. And I like the sound of Deception Cove–as long as Lucy pulls through.

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