Jakub Żulczyk: Blinded by the Lights

There are three things that Kuba says Warsaw is about: talking, hustling and cocaine.

Kuba deals cocaine, or rather he defines himself as a retailer of his hustle. Talking? Barely, and he has a low number of smiles he can sustain in one day to deal with his clients.

Tone deaf to his own emotions, his world seems a sketch of characters, undernourished women, bloated men.

He watches the lives of others play out in front of him with dispassion.

Kuba has always stayed in his lane but a series of missteps changes that and now there’s real trouble.

Blinded by the Lights is a wordy, descriptive book. Take your time, let the words sink in even as you feel you are floating above them with Kuba. This is grit thru and thru. A bestseller in Poland this book has been developed into a hit HBO Europe TV series.

~ June Lorraine

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