Andrew James Greig: Whirligig

Each measured drop…provides fresh impetus to bone gears transmitting rotary movement via the main pulley, meshing with each interconnected neighbour in an intricate ballet of bone wheels, cogs and spindles, held in place within a skeleton case of polished branches and carved twigs.

With exacting precision a killer with a meticulous hand is at work in a village in the Highlands of Scotland.

With the gears and wheels of specialized devices reflecting a calculating mind, the bodies begin to number.

Detective Inspector James Corstophine is a lonely man. Five years after his wife’s death from cancer, he’s trying his hand at dating. It’s not going well.

Along with his most capable copper at the small station he commands, he approaches things with a measured and open acknowledgement that caution and tenacity are key.

In this village where secrets are buried deeper than a corpse, it’s a serpentine path to the end.

Andrew James Greig has created an eerie, beautifully crafted book – an incredible debut. Tuck in, you won’t remember where the time went.

Many thanks to Raven at Raven Crime Reads for the head-up on this book.

Another impactful novel from past recommended readings is The Long and Faraway Gone by Lou Berney.

~ June Lorraine is a Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Blog

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