Johnny Shaw: The Southland

Available August 7th, 2020

Three women: Nadia, Luz and Ostelinda. All illegal in the US. Each of them with a difficult past. Each want a better life.

Ostelinda trafficked, Luz working three jobs, Nadia fleeing Mexico for her life.

When Luz’s son goes missing, these three women connect, along with Gilles, the white alcoholic, who speaks perfect Spanish. He’s a boon to their search.

This story by Johnny Shaw will ease you in and then grab you pretty damn hard. Its realistic narrative is straight to the gut and brings you places where it’s hard to swallow.

The Southand is a character driven book, and well worth it for those readers who prefer plot driven. So yeah…read it.

~ June Lorraine is a Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Blog

6 responses to “Johnny Shaw: The Southland”

  1. Nice write up on a very interesting read! There is a sense of a lot of hidden action. The captivation and tension build comes thru each suspenseful character profile.

    • I like a good balance, but lean towards character driven. Having said that, I don’t like extended internal dialogue…a character has to stop thinking and do something ๐Ÿ™‚

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