Joe R. Lansdale: More Better Deals

“Murderers always get caught. Except the ones that get away with it.”

Ed Edwards is weary of the game. He’s been working at Smiling Dave’s used car lot for awhile and is tired of the rolled back odometers, and cars held together with electrical tape and a prayer to get them off the lot. “Buyer beware,” Dave always says.

Sent to repossess a Cadillac, Ed meets Nancy Craig, whose husband Frank travels on business. Nancy is tired of the drunken beatings by her husband and sees Ed as an opportunity.

With Frank gone, she and Ed can run the drive-in and pet cemetery the way they should be – as real money makers. And of course there’s the life insurance policy. Ka Ching!

It’s a fun read taking place in 1960s Texas. Grit and murder, with Lansdale’s wry humour. Is it as good as the Hap and Leonard series? No. But any new story by Joe R. Lansdale shouldn’t be passed over. More Better Deals is your niche Sunday book. Did I mention that Ed is “passing as white”?

~ June Lorraine is a Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Blog

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