Jeff Miller: The Bubble Gum Thief


Yes, it starts with a pack of gum. And as each crime escalates, there is no doubt that mass murder will be an ending result. They have to find the Bubble Gum Thief before that happens.

First though, the FBI has to go back to the beginning, back to the first card left at each of the early crime scenes, before they knew about any of this.

Special Agent Dagny Gray has run up against her task masters and is assigned class work. The class Professor, a former field agent who throws books at those daring to fall asleep as he lectures, is intrigued by Gray and wants her on his team – a team of two.

Gray is a capable agent, reasonably personable and anorexic. Her battle with food is a deeply ingrained part of her. That she is still alive shows some spark of wanting her life to continue. She is a compelling woman and great personality in this story.

As such, you will find this book more character driven than action oriented. For me that works as it very well written, with an intriguing premise, and some twists.

This book was mentioned to me by another Cincinnati writer Trace Conger, whose work I have previously written about. Conger’s Mr. Finn series is still a favourite of mine, so look him up.

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