Simone St. James: The Sun Down Motel

With Halloween 2-weeks away, here’s some deliciously spooky crime fiction.

The Sun Down Motel has been around for years, and so have the ghosts haunting it. The cigarette smoker, the battered woman in the floral dress, and the little boy who drowned in the pool.

They all appear in this story, but not all are necessarily inherent. Make no mistake, this is a crime fiction story and a good one.

Carly Delaney’s Aunt Vivian disappeared from the motel in 1982 where she worked the night shift. Carly is determined to find out what happened and ends up in Fell, New York, working the night shift at the same motel.

Her research reveals that a few women were murdered in the area and she begins further excavation. At her side, her roommate Heather and Nick, who has his own dark history in Fell.

I loved the hell out of this book by Simone St. James and think you will too.

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  1. I absolutely LOVED this book! Grabbed a copy after Kristine Kathryn Rusch recommended in it one of her weekly emails. One of my fave reads in 2020!

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