Brian Selfon: The Nightworkers

Don’t open it, don’t weigh it, don’t hold it up to the light

Welcome to Brooklyn Noir and the neighbourhood of Bushwick. In one tidy home lives Shecky, Kerasha and Henry.

Kerasha, 21, is a cousin who had a heroin addicted mother and rotating doors of foster homes. Henry 23, is his nephew, once a troubled schoolyard fighter, he’d been abused by another uncle.

And Shecky, with his turbulent past and beleaguering devils. He dreams of security for his little family of three.

Uncle Shecky’s ‘cash moving’ operation keeps the mortgage paid and food in their bellies. They train runners to pick-up the cash and make the drop-off, keeping themselves behind the scenes as much as possible.

It’s big trouble when one of their runners goes missing with $250,000. The people they move money for are predictably dangerous. And now, someone else is watching their house.

This debut by Brian Selfon, has great bones. A fleshing out of the money moving process would make it an outstanding noir read. I’d say to keep his name in mind, he’ll grow into his writing, and you’re going to want to read what he publishes.

~ June Lorraine is a Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Blog

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