S.A. Cosby: Blacktop Wasteland

Beauregard Montage is in danger of losing his garage. Well, much more than that really as “Bug” can lose everything close to his heart if he takes part in a diamond heist.

Bug is known over several states as the best wheel-man around. He’s been straight for a few years, but circumstances have him in a bind when a new garage opens and his work dries up.

This heist, this chance to stay in business, and keep his narcissistic mother in the nursing home, are the basis of an unwilling decision.

As always, there are unseen forces invested in diamonds. Forces that add to a revolving circle of life that Bug is trying to break from.

Blacktop Wasteland is dynamic and fatalistic. You’ll ask yourself why Bug can’t break free of the ghost of his father and carve out his own life. The driving scenes leave you as breathless as if you were riding shotgun.

~ June Lorraine

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  1. Loved your review! I just listened to this on audio, which is a powerful experience. What a terrific book!

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