Gray Basnight: Madness of the Q

Sam speaks truth to power

The Madness

The Quelle or Q document is a translated manuscript that purports to be the New Testament Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Their unveiling causes religious upheaval and a contagion of suicide.

This time mathematics professor Sam Teagarden is approached by the FBI who, in the prequel, made him the subject of their manhunt. Can he decode the Q and end the madness?

In trying to solve the puzzle he begins an international race from New York to Israel, and Rome to Berlin. It’s a lonely quest, yet he’s never quite alone.

Yes, Teagarden in on the run again, and I’m sure his knees aren’t much better. Fans of Dan Brown will appreciate this book.

~ June Lorraine is a Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Blog

Basnight’s prequel Flight of the Fox was reviewed by Murder in Common in 2018.

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  1. How interesting. I just read Daniel Silva’s latest book, The Order, in which a previously unknown Gospel of Pontius Pilate offers Silva’s Israeli intelligence officer Gabriel Allon the reason to visit Germany, Rome, and other places, in search of the roots of neo-Naziism. Must be the hive-mind at work in quasi-parallel!

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