Trace Conger: Mirage Man

Fans of Trace Connor will immediately recognize, through writing alone, that Connor Harding is the brother of Finn Harding from the award winning Mr. Finn Series.

The Harding brothers have other things in common besides family. They are both quick to act and both see things through. Both have taken lives, but one brother without a choice, the other, by choice.

And that is the world you are thrown into with Connor. A freelance hitter for the mob, he is known as the Mirage Man for his success in the field of murder.

Finally ready to leave the brutality behind him, he negotiates a rarely possible retirement with his mob boss. The inviolate rule, never come back to NYC.

Connor has been living quietly enough in Boston until the day he is the target of a hit. Seeking who is behind the hit brings him back to New York…yeah, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Mirage Man is the engaging debut of a new series. In the hands of Trace Conger it’s a deftly written and fast paced story with winning characters. It will surely lead to many great stories as we learn about the other Harding brother. As with this book, the Mr. Finn Series is highly recommended reading.

For a 2017 interview with Conger where he discusses the Finn Harding series, click here.

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