Christopher Swann: Never Turn Back

Ethan Faulkner lives a moderate life as an English professor. There is much in his past, namely the survival of a home invasion, that he’s worked at forgetting.

Along with his sister Susannah, he is taken in by his Uncle Gavin. Ethan coped well, but Susannah…she had issues. Issues, that in the end, Ethan couldn’t fathom.

A new teacher Marissa is hired at Ethan’s school. They recently had a one night stand at a conference and the attraction is strong.

Rest assured things will go horribly wrong in that area, as all Marissa wants to do is talk about the night twelve years ago.

Well written, immersive story. There are great peripheral characters in the book, including a dog named Wilson.

~ June Lorraine is a Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Blog

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  1. […] June at Murder in Common reviewed this book and called it, “A well-written, immersive story.” It involves an English professor, a past home invasion, and a one-night stand. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but if the cover is any indication and blurb are any indication, I’ll enjoy it. […]

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