David Shawn Klein: The Money

Never do business in the men’s room

Brooklyn is where Harry Krakow plies his trade in the legal system. A lawyer for the hapless caught up in a system they have little understanding of.

Anatoly Zhukov approaches Krakow in the men’s room saying he’s not the Zhukov the District Attorney is looking for, he’s a different Zhukov… but not really. Got your attention yet?

He’s offering $10,000 to pick-up papers (probably forged) and deliver them to the DA. Krakow waffles, the money could really help a client of his. So…he takes it.

Upon discovering his son’s nanny on stage in a strip club, Krakow feels things spinning into an alluring fantasy. However, when the nanny worms her way into accompanying him to get the documents, fantasy receedes into nightmare.

David Shawn Klein’s debut The Money, is a twisty, gritty, quirky book that you will enjoy.

Available February 25, 2021. Pre-Order Here to save 15%

~ June Lorraine

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  1. Persons, places and the power of money for things. The author undoubtedly has all of the players ready to take readers into some jaw-dropping scenes. An excellent review! I love the intrigue!

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