John Galligan: Bad Axe County

Heidi Kick was made interim Sherrif in rural Bad Axe County, Wisconsin. It doen’t go down well with some of the citizens, including the Senior Deputy who thought the position would automatically be his to inherit.

Battling targetted snide comments and attempts to set her up, Kick soldiers through. An ice and snow blizzard is heading in, and there’s more than the storm she has to navigate.

Sherrif Kick is nothing if not observant, she’s dedicated, skilled and determined. Seeing a van with a young girl travelling with an older man triggers 3-days of intense investigation. Pulling threads leads her to dark people guilty of bad deeds.

Underlying it all is one event and she’s getting closer to the whole fabric of this, even as it leads to her own front door. However, this isn’t even the whole of the story.

Gritty, deep, page turning book that won’t be for everyone. I think the references to Dennis Lehane are well considered.

For me it was an exceptional read. This is book one of a three book series. Book two Dead Man Dancing is available now, with the third book arriving in June 2021.

~ June Lorraine

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