Amy Suiter Clarke: Girl, 11

Available April 20th

Elle Castillo is a podcaster who investigates crime. She’s good at it, having solved two cases in as many years as she’s been on air.

Deciding to investigate whether The Countdown Killer (TCK) is alive 20-years after he stopped, has her listener audience rapidly increasing.

Investigators believe he died in a cabin fire, however new evidence indicates this may not be correct.

An email sends Castillo into the night to meet a man she doesn’t know. A man who claims he knows who TCK is. What she finds is unexpected, a seed of dread is planted, and Castillo becomes sleepless and fearful.

When a 12-year old girl is kidnapped it looks as though TCK could be picking up where he left off. The age of each victim of past killings has decreased by one number and 12 is the target age of a new victim. As for Girl, 11 she would be next.

This debut book by Amy Suiter Clarke has an imperative and urgent tone, that will keep you reading. The story is less about the killer more about impact, I can almost hear a podcaster’s voice in the writing.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

Murder in Common is a Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Website

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  1. Enjoyed the review, as always June. I’m probably not driven to try the book.

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  2. Pulsating! I love the forensic trailing!

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  3. As someone who is keen on podcasts, I really like how podcasts are a central feature of the story.

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