Robin Yocum: The Sacrifice of Lester Yates

Hutch Van Buren is the Attorney General of Ohio and bored beyond belief. Always someone who roots for the underdog and a talented, driven prosecutor, he longs for more of… something.

‘Something’ walks into his office one day without an appointment. Black binders carried by prison guard Reno Moretti.

Lester Yates, the Egypt Valley Strangler is on death row for the murder of numerous women. Moretti believes Yates is innocent and his binders contain compelling information.

Van Buren assembles a team to investigate and time is short. Yates has about 6-weeks before his execution.

What follows is a propulsive read with interesting characters, excellent pacing and pulled threads that take you smoothly along.

For me there were no real surprises in the book and I liked that for a change. Certainly what is does have, is some of the most fluid and engaging writing I’ve ever read. A highly recommended read.

~ June Lorraine

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5 responses to “Robin Yocum: The Sacrifice of Lester Yates”

  1. Hello, June Lorraine. I appreciate your comment about this book that it was refreshing for a change to have no major surprises. Of course most of us mystery readers enjoy a clever twist, but I’m also tired of books in which the twists in the plot and the astonishing ending are so important that logic gets lost along the way, and not much room is left for developing characters and telling a coherent story. I’m looking forward to reading this book–I also enjoy A Brilliant Death a lot.

  2. I really enjoyed Robin’s A Brilliant Death and was unaware of this new one thank you for bringing it to my attention I’m adding it to my TBR pile. Nice review.

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