Adam Bregman: Angelino Heights

Dalton Everest’s life as a teacher is pretty standard. While quite the character with his quirky wit and offbeat sense of humour, he has a narrow group of friends and leads a steady life. He frets about his lack of height and sticks to corduroy jackets from thrift shops to make a statement.

A chance meeting of Nathan Lyme at a bar holding court, changes him. Lyme is charming, but definitely opague with personal details. He’s a weasel with a handsome face and little intellect.

Lyme recruits Everest into a life of burglarly. There is some trial and error with observant neighbours and security guards, before they make their first haul.

Throw LAPD Detective Orlando Talbert into the mix and you have an intriguing combination.

Set in the late 90s this book is a noir love story of sorts about Los Angeles. The scene, the people, the times.

Entering this debut book by Adam Bregman is like being dazzled with booze talk. It’s rapidly changing points of view, dissonat couplings of conversations, and random asides. Angelino Heights is dive bars, cheap diners, tikki bars and so much more. Buy it, read it, discuss it, because your all in on this one.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. Hmm, tempted but I crossed paths with this book before and one of the reviews put me off (not yours) …….. “His dialogue captures the confusion and contraption of artifice” “destinies seem more an afterthought than a conclusion” “post-modern” “insalubrious”…. what the fuck does any of that even mean? If the intention was to give me second or thrid thoughts on whether I fancied the book or not, he succeeded in spades.

    • Wow! And yes, someone English major got out their thesaurus that day…I’d have given it a pass as well.

      It is different, the conversations at the beginning are quite stacatto and at times querulous (see I have a thesaurus too!) 🙂

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