James L’Etoile: Black Label

Jilly Cooper wakes up, naked in bed with a brutal migraine. She’s in a condo that she’s never seen before and has no idea where she is. Nearby is an empty tequila bottle and a framed photo of her and her boss at Dynalife Pharmaceutical, CEO Jonathan Mattson.

She’s only ever had a professional relationship with him. Gathering her clothes, the TV in the condo blares the news that Mattson is dead, and Cooper’s nightmare begins.

Upon being interviewed by the police, Cooper knows she’s in the frame and runs. She questions everything, including her own sanity.

A chance meeting with a ex-con on a train gives her the clue she needs. Following thru on this puts her in grave danger, but the same grit and determination that made her good in business, is everything she needs to find out who’s put her in this situation.

A perfect summer thriller read from James L’Etoile. Let Black Label bring you along with a fugitive at large.

~ June Lorraine

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