LaVonne Griffin-Valade: Dead Point

Maggie Blackthorne is a Sergeant in the Oregon State Police. She’s back in her home town in the eastern Oregon high desert after 20-years. The same faces, and the drunks and pushers, poverty and feuds are all in place.

Finding the twin Nodine brothers shot dead along with their dog is a shocking site. Blackthorne had come across them earlier skinning a doe and they’d driven off in a red truck. The same truck at the murder site that is not registered to either of them.

Blackthorne has scant experience investigating homicide, and in this small town of hers there are plenty of reasons and many suspects.

Maggie Blackthorne is a good character, intelligent and strong with a sarcastic bent. She works well with her sidekick Trooper Hollis Jones, but shudders at any approach from her supervisor – her odious ex-husband.

Dead Point is a satisfactory and interesting read and Maggie Blackthorne is a character to keep track of.

LaVonne Griffin-Valade has written a solid debut. Also be on watch for Book 2 in the series: Murderers Creek scheduled for a November release.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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