Joe R. Lansdale: Moon Lake

In 1968, Daniel Russel was only 13-years old when his father drove them off a bridge in a murder-suicide attempt. Luckily, Ronnie Candles and her father were nearby and he was rescued and taken into their home. At night though Russel is haunted by visits from his father in his dreams.

Ten years later when his father’s car is found, Russel returns home to examine the remains. Only, there is one more set of bones in the trunk of the car.

Moon Lake is initially a moving study of Russel as a young boy, the warmth and love of his rescue family, and the managed expectations of the Aunt he goes to live with. Lansdale is a true story teller and his perception of family and love are well characterized.

Of course, that’s not all in this East Texas noir. As Russel goes back to his home town, he sees clearly the small town politics and corrupted souls underneath the veneer of civility. The deeper he investigates the deeper the baseness. Mind you, Lansdale will also have you laughing out loud.

Certainly Joe R. Lansdale is not in the realm of the debut to mid-list author that I normally feature. But when a book is this good, such a rewarding read, I don’t think we should hold his success against him 🙂

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. I get all confused trying to reply on your blog… coloUr me dumb.. I have read about 12 Happ and Leonard books. They are insane… He’s a good writer who dares to be different. Glad you’re mentioning him. I have not read this book, and shall endeavoUr to do so.


  2. East Texas noir…that’s right up my alley. I’ll be making a trip to Books-a-Million for the first time since the pandemic tomorrow, Lord willing. I’m going to pick this up. I like Lansdale, too.

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