Melissa Yi: White Lightning

There’s unusual things happening at the Rum Runner Inn. And no surprise, Dr. Hope Sze and her boyfriend Tucker are in the middle of it, there for a rare weekend away with friends.

From the outset things are strange, her friend is spooked about a ghost, and Tucker – he has his own reasons for choosing this place.

To complicate matters, Sze’s previous love Ryan, has shown up with a beautiful woman at his side for a television reveal of what’s behind the chimney.

This sends Hope spinning, and jealousy that she does not want to feel has her face burning, even as Tucker holds her closer.

Against history’s backdrop of climbing children, (those four to six years of age forced to be human chimney sweeps), is the latest in author Hope Sze Medical Mystery Series by Melissa Yi, and it’s a winner.

For those who are regular readers of my website (Thank you!) you know that this poignant and well written series has been featured here before. There’s a good reason why it has been short-listed as well as a finalist for crime fiction awards.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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