Michael J Clark: The Truth You’re Told

Freshly fired from her job Sam Hutchins heads to the family cabin in Manitoba, Canada. Sam is joined by her daughter Meg, and begins to reconnect with lake friends from prior years.

She’s supposed to be writing a book, but time and reacquaintances are moving her along with little on the page.

It’s digging into her father’s background that finally brings momentum into Sam’s life. Really, she has to acknowledge that she has no idea what his occupation was. And he died in a fire, right?

Once viewed with fresh eyes, there are odds and ends that don’t add up. This path sets Sam and Meg on a discovery that brings great danger to them both.

This is a slower paced mystery, just the thing to wrap a blanket around yourself with a little Sunday afternoon port and fig cake – yes, that’s exactly what I’d do if in northern climes. Well recommended.

~ June Lorraine

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