Kevin G. Chapman: Perilous Gambit

Senator Harlan Bushfield III is assassinated on his way home after a fundraising event. South Dakota FBI agents Derek Dumm and Chelsea Anne Shields are assigned to the case.

A risqué photo on the Senator’s phone has them contacting the NYPD for assistance to locate the people in the photo. One of those individuals has a ‘close to home’ connection to NYPD Detective Mike Stoneman

Stoneman is on vacation in Las Vegas. His partner Jason Dickson is getting married to Rachel, the best friend of Stoneman’s girlfriend Dr. Michelle McNeill.

Tracing threads of the people in the photo leads to Rachel’s brother Jackie, whose life comes under threat.

This books moves us thru South Dakota, New York and Las Vegas. At the same time it gives some insight into the difficulties those of in the LGBQ+ community.

I’m not sure it pays for the character Detective Mike Stoneman to go on vacation. For readers of the series it’s a good payoff. Chapman knows his characters well, and presents them with solid, clear strokes while throwing interesting people into the mix.

I featured Chapman’s book Lethal Voyage last year. You can read that review here. You’ll see what I mean about Stoneman and vacation. Well recommended series.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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