Will Carver: Psychopaths Anonymous

Maeve is a raging alcoholic. Mind you she doesn’t see herself that way. She goes to AA meetings to manipulate and exploit the members there. Inside she ridicules their fears, struggles and triumphs, while presenting a sympathetic demeanor.

In Maeve’s mind they are all losers and the whole 12-Step process is one big load of crap.

So she branches out on her own, creating Friends of Maeve. It’s a support group where she encourages psychopaths to understand and be proud of who they really are.

Meantime she has two heads in her freezer and is running out of space to make ice cubes for her gin.

Make no mistake readers, this is a dark and cynical story. And a rather biting, caustic look at the higher power formula of recovery from addiction to alcohol.

Psychopaths Anonymous may not be for everyone, but I suspect it could be for you. You may even laugh out loud at its absurdity. Will Carver is a critically acclaimed author whose books you should have a look at.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. It sounds as though there’s some very dark wit in this one, June, and I can see the appeal of a book that takes that approach. I think it’s something I’d have to be in the mood for, but still, it’s got its own intrigue. And I do want to read some of Carver’s work.

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