Terrence McCauley: The Wandering Man

Charlie Doherty is an NYPD sergeant. To be more accurate, he has the shield, but he’s still the bagman for Chief Carmichael. No, even that’s not quite right. He’s the be all, do all for Carmichael.

By trying to define who Doherty is, begins to show you how complex he is. And why this book, and this series will hook you.

When sent to bring Detective Spann to the chief’s office, Doherty witnesses him being gunned down across the street from him. Spann’s murder makes the chief nervous, very nervous.

Carmichael has him working on something so secret, with so little information, that Doherty has no idea what’s going on. Seeing the chief nervous, has him unsettled and worried.

But all revolves around Spann’s son, who has been missing for many years, and the name The Wandering Man.

I reviewed McCauley’s first book in this series The Fairfax Incident which takes place in 1933 and in that book, Doherty is working as a Private Investigator.

The subsequent books have gone back in time a few years (1925-1930) when Doherty is still on the NYPD.

Like the other books in the series, this one does not disappoint. It can easily be read as a stand-alone, but I say go for it and start the series.

Having read other books of this time and place, in my opinion, McCauley does it best. Highly recommended read.

Check out McCauley’s website to read about the other three series he writes: The University Series, and his two Western Series: Sheriff Aaron MacKey, and Ralph Compton. If you enjoy podcasts, he has those too.

~ June Lorraine

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