Curtis Ippolito: Burying the Newspaper Man

The place is San Diego, California, and the cop on the beach beat is Marcus Kemp. He’s got quite the record for finding stolen cars and he’s just located another one.

Upon opening the trunk, Kemp finds more than he could have imagined. It’s not the man’s body that alarms him so much. It’s the birthmark on his arm that tells Kemp he knew this man very well.

Because Kemp’s story is one of a childhood lost. A childhood of anger, fear, and disgust. And an isolated adult life of distancing, and nominal attachments. All of this because of the man in the trunk.

Kemp begins his own investigation. He needs to know who murdered The Newspaper Man and how much history he and murderer might share.

He’s unaware that the two detective who came to the scene are initially puzzled by his behaviour. But once they see Kemp on camera in an area that involves the investigation, they decide it can’t be a coincidence. Somehow he’s involved in the murder.

A well written book of redemption by Curtis Ippolito and a satisfying read for you.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. The setting for this one interests me, as San Diego is just under 50k from where I live, and I’ve been there a number of times. I’ve heard of Ippolito’s work, too, and not (yet) read it. Sounds as though I should…

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