J.B. Stevens: A Therapeutic Death

Violent Short Stories

I had to sit on the review for this book to be released. Here it is at last – COVID-19 has created problems for both writers and publishers.

So here we have tales of desperation, fear, and longing and desire. All of them wrapped up in stories that seem to have impossible odds, ensnared by desires that are fleeting and at times unrealistic. You get to decide the impact.

From goodreads: In the opening story, we encounter two veterans struggling to resolve a problem that a haunting war crime started. Next, we read about a mixed-martial-arts fighter who makes a split-second decision and risks his soul in the process.

This is followed by the tale of an assassin who must fight through a cabal of drug dealing circus clowns to keep her young daughter safe. Further in, we learn of two buddies who prove their friend innocent of homicide, despite being stuck in an 80s themed booze cruise.

Later, in a true-crime piece, a rookie U.S. Marshal encounters the depravity of man in a dank basement.

J.B. Stevens is a new writer for me, but his work has appeared in the well regarded: Thriller Magazine and Mystery Tribune.

A Therapeutic Death brings us all of J.B. in several interesting and at times startling stories. Just enough of a taste for us to ask – when will there be a novel?

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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