David Bradbury: Harbor City Homicide

“Detective,” he said, meeting her gaze. “You want the word on the street, honest to God, unvarnished. You’re a door missing hinges.”

LA Detective Helen Freitag is on the job for the long haul. A survivor of an IED during a tour of duty, she is a capable but reclusive investigator, who often gets lost in thought.

Solving the murder of a man shot outside of a hotel, and whose daughter is now missing, has Freitag managing an investigation of many parts. Some are peripheral, some aren’t.

One of those parts is the philanthropical group Keep LA Strong. What’s it really about, as word on the street says it’s about white race purity and nothing more.

To move the investigation forward, she teams up with disgraced reporter Prentice Taylor. Freitag needs him to find the missing girl, while she manages everything else.

Sometimes, great reads come from out of the blue and this is one of them. Well paced, descriptive book that places you firmly in a scene, and has you fully engaged. You’ll enjoy everything about this one. Highly recommended.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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