Mark Rowley & David Derbyshire: The Sleep of Reason

It begins at the Chilton Theme park, a man with a knife, and a family strapped into a ride, helpless to stop their massacre.

Detective Superintendent Sophie Gabriel is from Scotland Yard’s counter terrorism unit (SO15) and glad to be out from behind her desk. She’s focused and capable, putting aside a previous incident that allowed an Islamist extremist to escape the country.

Together with her team she is tracking and learning about Gareth Fletcher as the heads of various Home Office departments clamour for an arrest.

Fletcher releases a video with the usual hate rhetoric from The National Resistance Force. A group thought to be on the low end of the threat scale. Gabriel know in her gut that the theme park murders are just the beginning.

While this all taking place, the Coalition Government devises ways to turn the incident to their advantage with political maneuverings.

The Sleep of Reason is an acronym heavy book at the beginning, and while needed to differentiate between government agencies, it’s somewhat annoying.

You won’t be deep in character development in this story. There is some of course, enough to give you an idea of the personalities involved. But this is a tense, plot driven book that is a great read. And quite frankly, would be a good movie or television series.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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As Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations in the Metropolitan Police, Sir Mark Rowley led the UK’s counter terrorism policing for four years (2014-18). During his time in office, the police prevented 27 Islamist and extreme right-wing plots and made 850 preventative interventions to combat radicalization.

David Derbyshire is an award-winning national newspaper journalist and has written features for The Sunday Times, the Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and the Observer. He was the 2004 Medical Journalist of the Year, and was joint winner of the 2008 Press Gazette Environmental Press Awards campaign of the year. 

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