Antti Tuomainen: The Rabbit Factor

I am an actuary. As a rule, I don’t run adventure parks, and I certainly don’t batter people to death with giant, plastic rabbit ears. But as I said, my life hasn’t been following the probability calculus for some time now.

Henri Koskinen couldn’t have calculated the way his job turned into something as unfathomable as team touchy, feely sessions. It was outside his ability to understand the necessity for this behaviour as his life was numbers.

He doesn’t fit into the new open work space or the culture change at the company. His boss doesn’t give him much of a choice, either resign or live his life in a closet crunching numbers from past years.

Koskinen walks and is without a job when he learns his brother has just died and left him his adventure park.

With the park are not just the usual problems with operations but also other unusual operations. His brother owed big money from gambling debts, and now those debts are Koskinen’s.

During a visit with the loan shark Koskinen witnesses a man balancing precariously on a log with a noose around his neck.

It doesn’t end well for the man and the message is clear – pay the debt or meet the same fate. Koskinen has a plan though.

This is a funny, tense thriller – a delightful mix of noir and humour. There are some unanswered matters in the story but overall The Rabbit Factor is highly recommended.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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