Adam Lyndon: Devil’s Chimney

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PC Rutherford Barnes and his partner Harriet Holden have done the Sussex police department proud. They arrested Howard Van Leer as the suspect who has been on a burglary streak for weeks.

It was Holden’s new digs that they found Van Leer outside of, but more unsettling were the words sprayed on a wall inside: Dead Cops Sleep Long.

It’s not long before they realize that Holden is off the radar and then her disfigured body is found in a rundown hotel.

A surprise promotion into homicide has newly minted Detective Barnes seeking answers about this strange case, and ultimately about himself.

Devil’s Chimney has an interesting storyline, and strong characters that will have you keeping an eye on its author Adam Lyndon. Mind you, this name is a pseudonym for a serving police superintendent.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. Hi June! A compelling title with intro of the forensics. I feel like a detective already. I am a tv, true crime watcher too.

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