Pete Mesling: The Portable Nine

Nine villians…no wait, nine assassins, because not all assassins are villians…

Welcome to the world of The Portable Nine. They dispersed years ago to their own decay and devices. Now Davenport, the Mad Man of Malta, is bringing them all together again in a venture to make them rich, and have a bit of revenge too.

Who are the others? Miranda Gissing, ferocious warrior, Butcher, the hatchet wielder, Robin Varnesse, corporate style thug, Abel Hazard, fearless killer, Lovinia Dulcet, wielder of Japanese steel skewers, Twitch Markham, anxious questioner,  Mr. Bonnet, handsome and blind, and his sidekick, Dr. Intaglio, the psychiatrist.

Bringing them together again in a cohesive unit is going to take some work. And there are other things behind the scenes with Davenport and a man named Brindle.

Pete Mesling has written quite the book. The characters are well conceived, and fully fleshed. The depth of writing in this story is first class. It’s funny and ominous! Mesling has left room for a follow-up book, it will be welcome.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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