Steve Goble: City Problems

“I was supposed to be ready for anything.

Detective Ed Runyon escaped from New York to rural Ohio years ago. He left behind the city and the memory of a dead girl nailed to a wall. It was a case that almost broke him.

Runyon did everything possible to forget, therapy, medication, booze, and he thinks he’s okay. Until Megan Beemer goes missing and a detective from Columbus follows leads to his town.

Things begin to weigh on Runyon as they both investigate. He’s drinking more and becomes impulsive. All he can think about is Beemer and those memories are crushing him.

City Problems is an enjoyable book that reads like an origin story. It gives us the bones of what happened and who Runyon is now. Including his music choices that run to Hank Snow and Kris Kristofferson.

Steve Goble developed this character further in the second book Wayward Son (available now) and that should be a good journey.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. I’m hoping the second book is better than this one. I struggled with it as I didn’t particularly like the lead. I’ve enjoyed Steve Goble’s work before, so I’m happy to give his character a second chance!

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