Mary Keliikoa: Hidden Pieces

Misty Pines Mystery Series

Sheriff Jax Turner is a heartbroken man. Having lost his daughter to cancer, and his wife to the inevitable fall-out of his consuming grief, he’s ready to exit the world.

A radio call about Allison, who’s been missing for hours, forces him to a noxious reality. Brought back from the brink of suicide, Turner’s not in a good place emotionally – he’s worn out, anxious and volatile. His co-workers are concerned and the Councilman wants him out of office.

As the case proceeds, he’s astounded to realize that the missing girl’s young aunt was abducted and murdered years earlier. A connection?

The harder he works the more people hold back information that could make the difference in Allison making it home alive. The frustration of their self-preservation eats at him.

Hidden Pieces is a debut series by Mary Keliikoa and the good start of an interesting new character, Sheriff Jax Turner.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

Murder in Common is #33 on the Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Website

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  1. I do like past/present connections in my stories, June. And I can see how Jax Turner would be an interesting protagonist – lots of layers there, so it seems. Glad you thought this was a solid start to the series.

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