Kimi Cunningham Grant: These Silent Woods

Cooper & Finch, inseparable father and daughter. Their home, their friend Jake’s cabin in the Appalachians. Their lives, sheltered, quiet, hidden.

Cooper is a wanted man. He forcibly removed the infant Finch from her grandparents who sought sole custody of her when their daughter, Finch’s mother, was killed in a car crash.

Together they’ve lived a simple life for eight years. With yearly visits by Jake to restock their supplies and stay for a short time. Their neighbour Scotland knows who Cooper is and why they live the way they do, but he’s never reported them. Still, he makes Cooper uneasy.

One year on his scheduled visit, Jake doesn’t show-up. And as arranged in advance, they know he can’t come, they just don’t know the real reason…but it’s got to be bad. That’s just one of the situations that arises.

This is such a wonderful book. Father and daughter live a life in tune with the natural world around them. It’s poignantly written, atmospheric, and moving. Add These Silent Woods to your reading list.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

Murder in Common is #33 on the Feedspot Top 100 Crime Novel Website

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