Mark Atley: A Bright Young Man

Charlie McQueen is a Hollywood stuntman and an aspiring actor. He’s just been given an opportunity to act in a movie about a murder that took place in his hometown of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

The movie’s producer, River Rhodes, is on a bit of vengeance trip with this production. The script is really the story about her stepfather and her biological father. She’s keeping that tidbit a secret though, but she needs to know the truth about the murder and her fathers.

Charlie is also in heavy debt to the loan shark Crenshaw and his advance on this movie could save his life, but he only has two weeks to pay Crenshaw part of what he owes.

In Pawhuska, Charlie is gearing up to play the local sheriff. To make sure things go as arranged for payment, he’s accompanied by Crenshaw’s man Angelo. Turns out Angelo is also a movie buff.

Is that all? No, A Bright Young Man is a soup of events waiting to heat up, and you get a front row seat to see it boil over.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. What an interesting premise for a story, June! And it sounds as though this one makes good use of the way people can hide things for their own purposes. Intriguing…

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