George Albert Brown: Who Killed Jerusalem

Ickey Jerusalem is a noted poet in 1970s California. It’s somewhat incongruous then, when his body is discovered in an airplane toilet amid flight.

Aboard the flight is Dedalus “Ded” Smith, recently divorced insurance claims adjuster. Sick over his divorce and tired to death of his dead end job.

Upon deplaning in San Francisco, Smith meets-up with an acquaintance, Detective O’Nair, who engages him to assist with the investigation.

Jerusalem’s entourage: the lawyer, chauffeur, personal assistant, and plastic surgeon, intrigue Smith and he considers them suspects.

Along the way this story turns into a “A zany, inventive, and multilayered fever dream of murder and mayhem.” This from Kirkus Reviews and I couldn’t possibly say it better.

George Albert Brown’s book is a wild tour through a murder mystery, with references to the work of English poet and visionary, William Blake.

Is Who Killed Jerusalem, for everyone? Absolutely not. But it is funny and captivating, and if you want to stretch your brain this winter, this is one that can do just that.

Please read the Kirkus Review of Who Killed Jerusalem.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. What an intriguing idea for a murder mystery, June! I like the context, and ‘zany’ can be effective when it’s done well. It sounds like an interesting puzzle, too.

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