Jordan Harper: Everybody Knows

The Rules Say Keep as Much as Possible UNSAID

Mae Pruett works for a Public Relations firm that deals in crisis communications. The more common term would be a Hollywood fixer. It’s a world of deal makers, blackmail, corruption, extortion, and manipulation. And a world of influencers, politicians, actors, and others who make extremely bad decisions. She loves it.

Her boss Dan, approaches her about an opportunity to work for themselves, and be out from under Mitnick & Associates or, ‘The Beast,’ their name for the company they work for.

Pruett decides she’s in, and arrives at the Beverly Hills Hotel to meet Dan when she sees the police cars and chaos. Dan’s been shot to death in his car.

The Rules Say Your Secrets Go Down With You

It’s not a stretch to think her employer has done this, for it seems it was dangerous territory that Dan got into. Pruett needs to do a deep dive under the radar as she may also be at risk.

While tracing down a lead Pruett unexpectedly meets up with Chris Tamburro. He’s muscle for security firm BlackGuard and they worked together in the past.

Tamburro is following his own leads, his big boss wants an investigation into Dan’s death, but inside, Tamburro calls bullshit on the reasons behind the job.

Pruett and Tamburro’s history is also one of a passion and honesty that just wasn’t sustainable, and she walked out. The frisson between them is palpable when they meet again.

Feeling the February doldrums coming for you? Buy this book and rocket into the month. Everybody Knows is a fast moving conveyor into the psychological grime of an industry and it’s people. It’s sharp, clever, and diverting. Just what you need. Highly recommended.

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Jordan Harper is the Edgar-Award winning author of SHE RIDES SHOTGUN, THE LAST KING OF CALIFORNIA, EVERYBODY KNOWS and the short story collection LOVE AND OTHER WOUNDS. He lives in Los Angeles, where he works as a writer and producer for television.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. A real title grabber and well written review. I also love when I can delve into the psychological background of all parties. ☕️☕️

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