Mary Ann Miller: Bones Under the Ice

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Jhonni Laurent is the Sheriff of Field’s Crossing, Indiana, and unsurprisingly, the first female sheriff. Her patch is rural farm country and generally not much happens.

During a blizzard the body of teenager Stephanie Gattison is found in a park where the city trucks dump the snow. Did she die in the park or was her body carried there in the collected snow?

Laurent begins her investigation knowing that time is not on her side. She’s up for re-election and her opponent is already nipping at her heels and planting negative stories. The Indiana State Election Board becomes involved.

The Martin and Tillman families have been feuding for many years and the heart of Laurent’s investigation seems to be their sons adding complications to the investigation.

Bones Under the Ice is a surefire read for a cold winter and the debut of an interesting series. Mary Ann Miller has written a capable and determined character in Jhonni Laurent. She will solve this case regardless the obstacles put in her way.

~ June Lorraine Roberts

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  1. We are living amidst some very harsh political situations nowadays. An excellent presentation with a well worded attention-grabber title.👍👍💫

  2. This does sound like a very promising beginning to a series, June. The setting seems to work for the story, and I like the sound of the protagonist. It all adds up to a good ‘un, and I’m glad you enjoyed.

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